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Rubber baits found in Keuka laker!

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As someone who has jigged up plenty of these and has lost maybe 1 or 2 whole soft plastic baits in ten years (though sometimes the tails get bitten off), I'm guessing those came from guys throwing used baits overboard instead of taking them home and disposing of them properly. The fish pick them up off the bottom.

I've seen a lot of people throwing used baits overboard out there. Please don't. Right here is an example of why.

I've caught 1 fish that had 1 bait in it, I guess this one developed a taste for them.

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 I agree with our friend Hermit.. In 25 years of jigging Lakers i have caught 2 with plastics in the gut.. One  swallowed  a plastic worm, and one with a huge paddle tail swim grub. both from Seneca . These  lures do NOT get torn off very often.. lakers don't nibble on the tail of a jig, they swallow them  whole.. In my uneducated opinion, these lures were tossed after get scarred up, or replaced with a different color, or size.. Please, if you jig, take the discarded plastics off in the boat, and do not toss them overboard.. Lakers will snap them up... Obviously, they won't kill the fish, but I bet they  don't do it much good either... bob

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