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Bottom Paint


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I have a 26 ft sea boss that I keep in the water. I believe I am going to have the bottom painted. I was quoted a $1000. It has never been painted. The last few years I have just cleaned the bottom and waxed but that is a tone of work and I spend a $1000 in chemicals. Just looking for opinions.

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That sounds like a good price.


More important how are they preparing the hull?  They should remove the mold release wax, sand or sand blast to etch the gelcoat (do not remove the gelcoat completely).


What paint are they using?  I use Micron CSC and it only needs a touch up here and there every year.


Are you planning to apply a barrier coat before the anti-fouling coats?

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Good news,your boat is all clean, so no one knows exactly where the water line is.  Wait until the end of the year. When it gets dirty then you'll know.  Don't follow the lines of the boat or stripes.


Pull it home,mark the water line.  jack the trailer up. Support the boat.  Drop the trailer down.  Now you can work on most of the boat. Sand gel coat until it's dull.  Clean with denatured alcohol.  Sand spots you missed. Then clean again,sand some more.

When it's all dull, now put a coat of barrier paint on.  Sand off all high spots.  Then put another coat of barrier on. Sand a little more.  Then put two to three coats of bottom paint on.


No one can do this for a 1000 dollars,and even if they charge you 2500.00, who says they didn't miss sanding or ran out of barrier coat. 


Hope this helps.  I've completely removed bottom paint, with walnut shells and aircraft paint remover.  It's not a fun job,  The boat I did this on had receipts for sanding,barrier and paint. I found gel coat that hadn't been sanded, 2 coats of barrier coat on 3/4 of the boat. 

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