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Lowrance LGC-3000 puck and misc cables

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I have a LGC -3000 puck and quick mount base with the red connector and a few cables that I removed from my new to me boat. The unit was left on by the previous original owner that sold me the boat last year he took the head unit but left the puck.I have no way of verifying its operation. $65 + actual shipping


One red extension cable for puck 15' long again red ends no nicks or damage to cable $25 + actual shipping


One Misc cable with 6 conductor ftg and two cables from molded end. One cable 2 conductor approx 22g wire Red and Black approximately 48" long, second cable of the assembly is shielded 4 conductor Blu/Ylw/Wht/Blk + shield wire again approx 22g wire and about 18 feet long. I do not know what this goes to it is potentially the power and data cable for the unit but I cannot verify only assume based on the cables location under the dash when I removed it. $10 + actual shipping 










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