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I have a choice between a  9,9 Yamaha 4 stroke and a Honda 9.9   both are electric  start  any imput on these  would be a great help if one I  should  stay away  from its going on a sylvan 17  ft  boat  with a  90  merc both 2016 the yammy is$2,849.00   Honda $2,999.99




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Just purchased a Honda 8 hp.I found it for less money at the Honda dealer then online. I went with the Honda because my main motor is a Honda also and wanted them to match. If you get the 9.9 BFP over the 9.9 BF you get the " power thrust design " I think this means 10 inch prop. Over the 9.25 inch standard ? It looks like you would also get 12 amp alternator with the electric start over the 6 amp man start. I went with the man. start because I need things to be really simple on my boat. But as far as Honda vers Yamaha I think you could flip a coin on that decision. Just don't get the one that was built on a Friday after lunch!

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I've had both, 9.9 Yamaha, and well, I haven't fished my new Honda yet. But I can say the motor runs so quiet compared to my yami. Also, the new Honda I got is 20hp. I can't believe how quiet it is.

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