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Went out solo late morning. Glad to see docks are in.

W wind about 15 mph as predicted at start. 1 footers.

Fished with wind in 10-20 FOW for a couple hours till the wind doubled and waves upped to 3 footers. Water was a nice green but cold, about 42F.

Not much debris. Marked tons of fish about 6 ft down but only one taker on a silver Rapala on the rigger that came off well back.


Headed back W shallow and got sprayed.


Back at the launch the usual folks were blocking the ramp with their illegally parked cars and the docks with their bodies. DEC guy showed up and I spoke with him but nobody even moved. That launch needs to be posted like the Seneca ones " This is a boat launch. Fishing is not permitted."


​This is a chronic problem there.



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