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Striper Fishing - Delaware Bay

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Gearing up for the lake, but took the boat out on a shakedown fishing trip after work on Tuesday. The wind was howling, and it was cold, but we found some fresh bait and setup in 30' of water in the upper DE bay and chunked for stripers.


Had some action right away with a couple run offs, but couldn't get hooked up. My buddy finally connected on a nice fish and shortly after a nice 40" striper was in the boat (probably 25-30#'s). This fish ended up in the throwback slot that DE implemented last year, (any fish between 37 and 44 inches must be released). Hurts to throw back a big fish like that, but also feels good at the same time as these fish are way up the bays and rivers spawning this time of year.


Right after that we hooked up again on another nice fish. This fish ended up being 38" and had to go back as well. Had a few more bites and missed and caught a catfish and that was it for us. 


Packed up and headed in at dark, Chilly 30 min boat ride back to the ramp into the wind in the dark!



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