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Oh "let it go"

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Seems like each of the last few years we have a real mild hardly any snow and very mild temps but then when we think it's about to be spring we actually have winter hit... SUCKS!!


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Well don't feel too bad.  I went out on Saturday and pulled off the tarps and un did all the spider web of rope, put all the seats back in it, put the numerous batteries in it, electronics and life jackets, and got both main motor and kicker motor running.  Was going to go back out and run the motors one more time and the wife got me distracted and I forgot to get the canvas on it.  Well, I ended up with about 6 inches of snow in/on the old girl.  Went out about mid week after some had melted and hand shoveled the rest out and finally got the canvas on it.  Not a good feeling.....

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Elmira last weekend. I had to leave town for the weekend and came back to this. Not my proudest moment shoveling her out; that was a first. Back in the garage she went. This was after having her out fishing Oswego and Seneca in the beginning of march.

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