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We finally did our shake down run today.

We got a late start, mostly because it was so freaking cold this morning. Put the boat in the water at about 930, and after a brief bit of screwing around decided we were good to go.

We started fishing at ~10. We set down at the trailer park and worked our way west. We didn't have a single hit until we got just passed Boller point, then it was game on. A lot of short hits today and a lot of small fish. There were 2 distinct mud lines- we worked the 2nd one that was in 10-20 fow. Most of our hits came off boards with sticks... Kinda weird but natural stuff did the damage, despite how murky the water was.

Ended up 10/18. Had several doubles and a triple. Surprisingly good action considering the time of day we fished. We picked fish all the way back from Dufloo rd to maxwell (despite the fact we took nothing there on the way through earlier)





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we were out in same area east of maxwell,did our damage in 15-25 fow toplines and riggers down 6' on warrior medium size spoons.shorline was 38 degrees found 41degrees out deeper 13 for 17 one brown about 8 lbs rest were 3-6

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The state has been stocking the browns pretty heavy again at Pultneyville the last few years.They must of had a good survival rate.Im still waiting on the kings to show up,lolIts good to hear there are good catchs of the browns

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