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dipsy diver question

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I think you may have anticipated things right in your question.  It can be done but in most cases you may encounter problems because the dipsey will be going back and forth sideways (to some unknown degree) and could very well get into the downriggers especially and this would be pronounced with any turning. Some of it depends on how deep and how long the leads are on the downriggers too.  If the downriggers were running very short to the ball and deep you might be OK but is it worth chancing? This could be a real problem with a king on any of the lines. It may sound bizarre but you could run the center dipsey rig out to the depth you want and fasten a balloon on the line to float it out and away from the other stuff as they do in the salt water environment. If the downriggers were down deep you could be OK with a fish on the dipsey and either disconnect or pop the balloon on the way in. I know it sounds crazy but it works.

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