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NY DEC's Timothy DePriest's Presentation on Upper Niagara River Habitat Improvement Projects

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I just found out that the NY Chapter of the American Fisheries Society has posted some new video presentations from their 2016 meeting. This one in particular caught my eye. Timothy DePriest of the NYS DEC gives an overview on habitat restoration efforts that have been going on in the Upper Niagara River which I found to be very informative and interesting. There was actually another major project he did not discuss that was completed in January, of installing 4 different deep water fish attracting structures. Some were made from large rocks and one was made up of 17 car size boulders. That project was managed by the Niagara Musky Association.


Niagara River habitat improvement projects: adaptive approaches to a high-energy system.


You can see last year's presentations there as well. Manny of last year's were related to muskie and pike management. This one Presented by Jeff Loukmas gives a good statewide overview.


Esocid Management in New York State.
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