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after the last few years I would play it by ear and get from the bait shops . M C Rockets meat strips  I hear work well so iam trying them this year .

I did not have great luck with the Rockets, tried the scents, etc but just didn't work like the strips.

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post-139878-0-92702400-1460761928_thumb.jpgpost-139878-0-29108100-1460761986_thumb.jpgI guess nobody but us old timers will remember the "Big Weenie " bait strips . Here is a pic of the package and a few of the colors . I still have a least 10 packages of them in all the colors . I never had much luck with them . I think I will take a wait and see posture with these "Rockets"  . I have fished with cut bait for many years and I find the natural strips are the best .Just wish Rhys-Davis would get back in the cut bait business .

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