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Owasco Lake

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Go half way up the lake drop stuff deep and fish the middle... oh the Lakers are huge too!


But the water in that lake warms up quick so the bait may be starting to move shallow. So south end will be hot soon, but if the temps are still in the low 40's try the deepest parts

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Hit Owasco 4/17. Was down 2 crew members and fished with a "rookie" from 8 -3. Hit the west side, did not mark much. Landed a small Bow and lost about 5. Spoons were the only thing hitting. Very few boats out.


We saw very few marks as well.  Seems the fish may still be in a winter pattern.

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Fished owasco sat night sun morn and sun night. Sat night I was solo but did ok. Not one one spoon stood out. Kept changing them out. Ended up 4/4 on lakers. All off riggers down 150 and 130 in 170 fow. Same thing sun mornin. All rids in by 7 and couldn't sit down to drive. Riggers were hot but it didn't last long. By 7:45 it was done. 7 fish but can't remember the amount of hits. Lost track quick. Called it quits at 11. Sun night only 2 fish. Everything has been lakers so far. Some good ones topost-150201-14610081362405_thumb.jpgpost-150201-14610081515951_thumb.jpg

Biggest two of the weekend

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