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Big Gull Lake, Canada

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Me and the family made the annual trip to Canada again last week to fish for 'eyes. We had excellent fishing. No lunkers for us but plenty of 18"-22" fish and a few others up to 24". New regs allow only 1 fish over 18" per day so we saved some fish under 18" for the pan each day. Had to dodge some T-storms thru the week but overall the weather was decent. I used the bow mount to slow troll nightcrawlers near structure in 14'-17' depths.

Here's some pics:








My Dad and his bud Casey working a spot


Me and Ethan heading in


Me,my wife, and the kids


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i was there the week after memorial day and the fishin was terrible.looks like most of the pixs were in the 3 bay area??the pix of your son with the islands in the east is where my fishing partners caught most of there fish.the pixs of your partner is where i crushed them 2 yrs ago with blade baits!!where the bugs out yet??we had none when we visited,and so long 4 now;john

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That brings back some memories. I have not been up there in years but we used to get some really nice northerns around some of those shoals. Worm harnesses were the lure of choice back then or jigs tipped with worms.......Thanks for the trip down memory lane........Dale

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John, We stayed at Kirk's Kove. Some of the fish pics were taken out front of there. We did alot of our fishing around the western end of Long Island.

Dale, Glad you enjoyed them. This was our last planned trip up there. Started fishing on the lake when I was 9. I'm gonna miss it.


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I started going up there when I was around 7 yrs old and the last trip was when I graduated High School, me and my two buddies went there for a week of fishing.....We had the time of our lives minus girls........Why is this the last trip there????.....

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Dale, It is mainly a cost issue. Gas, the exchange rate, passport probability, steadily increasing prices of the cottages has made the Canada trip from a rather cheap vacation into an expensive one. I am also looking into setting up a camper for LO fishing as well. I am sure we will get up there again sometime just nothing planned for now.

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