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Billy V Report - 2 LOC Derby Fish

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Today we found the browns that have been missing all season long and also played with a few nice Kings. We worked 30-45 FOW first thing in the morning and played with 6 or 7 browns, the highlight of which was this brown that currently sits in 4th place at 12.09lbs:


Every one of the browns took a Dreamweaver Super Slim Area 51 spoon fished off of our riggers behind a chrome Shark. We ran riggers and short cores for the browns, and we couldn't buy a bite on the cores, but they sure did seem to like that Area 51 behind a Shark. Best down speed was 2.4mph, and the best riggers were set at 15 and 16ft.

After the brown action dried up, we headed out to deeper water and started targeting Kings. We hooked up with several nice kings, and wouldn't you know it, the Kings also took an Area 51 spoon fished off of the riggers. 110'ft down over 120-135FOW seemed to be the best rigger for us, but we also hooked up off of our 95' and 50' riggers. We tried like mad to get a flasher/fly to fire, but we couldn't make one go today. The Area 51 was the only thing to get bit on our boat today. One of the other charter boats was at the gas dock right after we came in and had several Kings that he took off of a flasher/fly combo. He didn't have a single spoon fire. Go figure! 2.5 - 2.7 mph down speed was our best speed for the silvers and we found 56 degree water down 110' out over 130FOW with a surface temp of 60 degrees.


The highlight of the King action was this 20.09 lb King that was sitting in 15th place after we weighed in at Screwy Louies.


The screen was a LOT better looking than last weekend.

What a fun morning!!


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Nice job Bill!! :P We headed a bit west today out of Port Bay and worked 180 - 220 fow, marked a few fish but nothing fantastic. Perhaps we should have slid in a bit shallower... :? We ended 2 for 2 with a 4 lb king and a 10 lb laker that bit a green echip/green fly out 225 on a #2 setting over 230 fow - go figure! The king came on a NBK down 75 over 130 fow.

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Hey Billy, have you tried any of the Area 51 patterns with either a silver or gold cup? Its a great walleye blade as is but I've airbrushed a few area 51's on silver and gold blanks. They are smokin on walleyes in clear water and I'm thinking they will be just as hot on the browns.

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When I first looked at the King pic I thought ohhhh boy I was just knocked out of first place...Pic looks a lot bigger...must be the way it's held...Great Job on the browns...good to see a few around...seems like the last 3 years have been.....well you know...


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