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I promised I would post more this year because I always get a lot of good information from the site. I typically fish 30-40 trips a year. I am a teacher, so my summer months are pretty much spent on the boat with my son and daughter during the week. I fished from 8:30 - 12 today for Browns. Spent the first 2 hours looking inside for good water or temps inside. Water was REALLY clear and I couldnt find anything. Moved out to 20 FOW and ended up picking up 3 in the last hour and a half. 2 were typical, one in the middle of those was a big boy and we wanted to release it. Couldnt get my scale to work, so measured it at 33.5 inches. Got it on Video! Made 6 runs, thought it might be a king! Son did awesome job of brining it in. Ill post the video if I can figure out my editing software.

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Here is the 33.5 inch brown from Sunday. Sorry for the delay in upload. Took 22 minutes to bring in on the light line...we didnt get a chance to weigh it, just measured and released. If you want to see me wonder if it was a snag, then think it was a king, then giggle over a big fish...i posted the fight on youtube. Search 15 pound brown. You will see me in a red shirt.



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