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adjustable triple rod holders

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im looking to install triple rod holders (adjustable) on the boat. a set for either side of the boat. any suggestions, links, recommendations, etc. would be great, thanks.

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Here are some links to look at.




I bought some trac and six rod holders from lakeland products mainly because they could get them to me fast and they where cheap and the budget on the new boat gear was running low. They are not the best but seem pretty good so far I have taken a couple of wire hits and they held we will see when the big guys start smashing the wires. I don't think they would be what your looking foe but the cisco and traxstech stuff looks real nice but they are pricey and you might have to wait awhile to get them.


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Legacy, I would seriously check out the Ciscos. I was sold on them after seeing them on YT's boat and am in the process of switching to them from my Big Jons. I think they would give you the widest adjustment range of any holder out there.

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I put on some traxstech track and added 8 cisco singles that slide in the track. I would say the way I have it set up is the most verssitile set-up you can come up with. I wasnt a fan of the triples or quads b/c i didnt like how close the reels were to each other and could see a rod getting flug out of a holder when someone was going for another rod. The ciscos have the widest range of movement out of any holder out there. There is no pin hole that your limited to.



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I'll throw in my 2 cents for Fishlanders. Mutiple adjustments

front to back and up and down (19 ways if I remember correctly).

Ran duals for 4 seasons...just changed to triples.


If you call, ask for Todd.


Its my understanding that they have closed thier doors?????

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YT....you are correct about Fishlander, at least for the moment.

I saw the post on another board last Friday, and was very surprised

since I had dinner with Todd and worked the Southtowns Walleye

Association meetin with him in the middle of June, and he was really upbeat.

So I called and talked to him. I asked if it would be ok if I posted

to any discussions like this and he said ok.

Basically, there were 2 investors, one who left in winter, and the second

who just left now. Seems the cost of production has risen due to fuel, etc

and they saw a drop in sales once they had to go over $4. Also apparently

were affected negatively by the cold spring.

Todd is working on a couple of options to possible re-open relatively soon.

That apparently will be known one way or the other in the next few weeks.

In the meantime, they were trying to fill any orders that they have outstanding, take inventory, etc. He told me to check back in a couple of


Going back to the post about the holders, I've been with them for 5 years

now, and have been very pleased with the product. Its a shame they may

be done.


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