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Salmon River to 9 mile report 4/16-4/18

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Timing is everything and mine stunk arrived at camp 4/15 by 11am all eager to fish, got camp open and boat in the water and ready to fish. We left Catfish Sat morning and trolled west for 7 hours from Hi Rocks to almost to Alcan and back got 3 bites landed one 3 lb brown off two color with dolphin spoon, by observation tower in 50 fow. Sunday got early Start went east fished from Catfish to Salmon river and managed two bites a 10 lb laker and 5 lb brown both around Selkirk in 25 FOW on corner rigger down 12, with a glow chicken wing fished from 7am until almost 3. Lake was nice boat ran good fishing awful.

     When I thought it couldn't get any worse Mon morning proved me wrong, Left dock at 6:30 motored directly to Selkirk no boat traffic some color in the water trolled Selkirk to Brennan beach twice then started across the bay to camp, wind picked up and we wrapped it up by 10;30 had a whitefish attached to center rigger pretty odd looking big eye's. Anyway at least camp is open and boat is working well skipping this weekend so fishing will likely improve next trip 4/29/16. Good luck guys. Breaktime

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Thanks for input yes the sandbar in front of Catfish has only 2-3 ft of water depending on wave action 90 % of the fishing last weekend was in 15-25 Fow we pushed out in front of the plant to comply with regulations. We did observe the coast guard ticketing an 18 ft aluminum boat that was inside of the buoys. I'm not too worried about the crappy fishing last week, if its bad for Spring LOC then I will cry and whine, good luck to everyone . Breaktime

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