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safe to eat ?


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I always remove all the parts of trout and salmon that {according to the DEC) contain the most toxins . The belly meat ,lateral line of fat and the skin . Most of my salmon get smoked , which gets most of the fat and oil out of the fish during the smoking process. Been eating fish out of Lake O since the 50's and trout and salmon since the 70's .

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So their recs are based on eating the WHOLE fish, including head, guts, bones, etc. they do this as some cultures will grind the whole fish. What data their is about filet only is scant, but the toxins in question, pcb and Mercury, have been in steep decline, although studies show wide variability.

I work in medicine and know how to read a study, and find the available data confusing at best. The most interesting recs are the ones pertaining to women and children. Essentially, the "alarm" threshold is lower than for adults, and in many cases our fish fall well below this- but as a blanket policy, if there are any fish or contamination issues on a particular body of water, they make all fish in that whole area "unsafe" for children. I honestly don't know if I can feed my daughter (she loves fish) salmon filets

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In some cultures, they DO eat the whole fish...

So the little microscopic tags that the fish received from the hatchery are inside the Gizzard of some of these folks who eat fish head soup!

Think of what that could mean!?post-140268-14616047717736_thumb.jpgpost-140268-14616047839995_thumb.jpg

Just don't eat the fish heads, you will be fine...unless you like the government tracking you "naked" all over!

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