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Pro Troll Black Box..........?

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I am hoping to hear some of your opinions on the Pro Troll Black Box.  For those of you that use one do you think it is worth the investment? Any Pros and or Cons? Gimmick or not? 

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I have had a black box for years. I can't say it hurt anything, however I can't say that it helped the fish bite better. Sometimes I think it does, when the fish hang in the zone of the riggers for long periods of time (seen on the sounder). Maybe they will be enticed to strike.

I can say though, that if you have negative energy on your wires to the downrigger ball, caused by galvanic action between steel and lead in water, and possibly DC voltage leaking, sometimes common with aluminum hulls, then the box will help counter the issue with positive charge. Test your wires with a meter while the rigger weight is in the water at typical depths of fishing. If it shows a negative charge you need the box for balance.

It can help to keep fish near your lures on the riggers. Some say that the fish become very uncomfortable in negative charge and the closer you set the lures to the field, the more they sense the negative charge.

Commercial boats have used them for years, so they must have some merit.

I can test the charge at any time by switching the box to static charge reading. If it is low or negative, I apply some positive to the wires, all of the wires get the charge. Some days are different than others on static reading. I assume it's to do with the mineral and biological makeup of that column of water I'm in for the day. But test your wires in the water to be sure you don't have massive negative ion going on.

A mutimeter set on milivolt, positive probe on the wire, negative probe on the battery ground or ground on the hull somewhere.

Hope it helps!


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Thanks Mark. Yes I am running and aluminum boat and yes the wires do get a funky negative charge on them. I am running the mag 5s and the positive ion control does not seem to help with shaking the neg charge. 

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