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Lake Nipissing

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I went to the outdoor show in Hamburg this year and there was a lot of booths promoting Lake Nipissing. I scooped up a brochure from just about all of them. They all seem to provide the same setup- Lodge and a boat. Just wondering if anyone has tried one of these trips. Is it easy to find fish without a guide? I have no boating experiance, is that a problem? Any info appreciated.

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Never fished it, but doesn't seem that big. Not having boating experience on a small lake isn't huge problem but I would be wearing a life jacket at all times than. When in doubt just go to shore and wait it out.

You have to start somewhere on getting boating experience. Everybody has started at ground zero at one point in their life. A small lake is a good starting point.

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If this is the Lake Nipissing up near North Bay, Ontario, then I would say it is a large lake. That can get rough quick. However if you're at one of the resorts at the east end, near or in Callander Bay, you can often find sheltered areas close to camp. I've fished that area extensively over the years. The West End is likely the same story but I cannot speak to it. As for boat experience, most operators up there will be willing to help you out and show you areas to fish that are close by. Be sure to get familiar with the slot size and restrictions if you're fishing walleye - it is pretty discouraging if you're looking to keep fish. If catch and release is your thing, then you should enjoy the lake. Lots of different fish in there. Walleye is by far the most popular, but you can find perch, bass, pike, musky, etc.... 

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Never been to Lake Nippising, but have been to French River (lower) area many years.

Lake Nippising drains into the upper French River. If you are worried about a lodge

right on the main lake, I'd focus on the ones that offer river access too. Its called

"river" but really is like a long narrow lake.

Up there, rocks are the issue, but I'm sure the lodge you pick will give you the lay of the

land before they cut you loose.

We have always gone for northern pike, as opposed to walleye, simply because we fish walleye

all summer on Lake Erie and want to catch something else.

Northern Ontario has a way of hooking you. This May will be the 40th consecutive year

I have gone there at least once, starting way back as a little guy with my father. I am

fortunate that I get to do a lot of great fishing all year, but I have to say if I had to

pick one for overall enjoyment (food, beer, scenery, peaceful,fishing), I'd probably pick

French River.

Good luck.


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Lake Nipissing is a very large, shallow lake and, as said, can get rough in hurry (Google it).  If you haven't done any fishing in northern Ontario and Quebec, do some research and hire a reputable outfitter.  Investigate best months to fish and choose carefully - many of these "outfitters" are shady operators; contact people who have fished with them.

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I know someone who goes to the Memquisit Lodge every year. It is on the west end of the lake. He goes there for muskie. They are not abundant but there are some big ones. He says it is just breathtakingly beautiful there. He just uses one of their boats. I think they might have some sort of protective device on the motor to help protect it from the rocks. I am not sure but he might also bring a transom mount  minn kota. You can get a package that includes meals or do your own. If you get meals included, I think you can have them pack you a lunch if you want to stay on the water all day. Of course if you are fishing for walleye you probably want to eat them every day because you are only allowed to bring one day's catch back.

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