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Went by my lonesome on a whim about noon yesterday.

Goddamn East wind is still prevailing. But the inshore water has a good green to it.

Went straight west to the pumphouse in 10-20 FOW. Nothing.

Turned around to troll back into the wind - always a bad idea - and hit a beauty right away. Took 100 yards plus 3 times and ran him down the same.

Got him under the boat and he came off within 20 feet.

Meanwhile some guy with a long beard and turban in a much bigger boat decided to troll within a 100 feet of me while I was playing the fish. What an ****.


Hit 2 more on the way back. Landed one at the mouth, tail hooked so let it go. Met a couple good guys at the launch.


All the hits came on perch Michigan Stingers. It's all about green out there, probably because of the gobies.



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Browns. In about 10 FOW. Big one I lost was a Brown because though it ran it went way slower than the Kings do.

Lakers just go to bottom and grind away. I target them when the Browns slow down while waiting for the Kings to show up.

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hey this is the guy with a big boat in the big beard didn't know you owned the lake I'll look for your next time I'm out there show you what a big ass I am hope you're not by yourself again

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I think people would have figured out who you were, without announcing it  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:  :mooning:

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