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Seneca Lake jumbo's

Lund SSS

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It's about time they started acting right. Damn been playing with them all winter and hit a few here and there but nothing like it should be. Congrats on the catch, I will be on the hunt this weekend for sure now.

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I am a tree expert and did  a  job  for  a lady living by the Albany alcove reservoir wich has no   fishing because its the cities water sourse


she left me inside so I get payed I looked on living room wall  she  had a few  fish hanging of her late husband had cought in the reservoir nice 5 pd  bass a 6 pds walley and I looked at the end looked like a pretty  nice bass until I got  close

was a  4  and 1/2  pound  perch the  black stripes would not  have been on it to me would have been a bass to me   huge amazing !!


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