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Cannon rigger slipping on way up

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I could be off base here, but it's an electric motor. It works or it doesn't. Sounds like your old one was fine.

If your housing is cracked its extremely likely that that was causing the problem. It's really just a winch with a circuit board...it's not complicated.

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Well I did call them today and emailed him a picture... And he replied back that it wouldn't be the reason why it's slipping..... So the saga continues.... Anyone have a mag 10a that's spent??? Lol

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your posts here are visible for anyone to see including me. It is a good thing so I can tell my side of the story too if need be. You forgot to mention how you called me right away swearing and dropping the f bomb before I had a chance to speak. Did you mention that it was a repair done last year   I would think the right thing to do would be to see how it is resolved before taking it to the internet as I told you yesterday as soon as you called me that I have been doing this for a long time and was not going to brush you off. I also told you to send it or bring it to me and I would make it right. Did you mention that anywhere in here or just keep making me look like the bad guy who was blowing you off and not willing to help? Yes , the housing is cracked but the picture wasn't very good so it didn't look like that would be the cause. I then said to get it to me so I could look at it in person and I would take care of it.  I also can post the emails exchanged between us on here if need be.

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