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Went to cabo on my honeymoon and me and the wife went out for two days fishing with picante charters. Had three marlin on the hook got one to the boat she was a tank and got the smaller one in for a picture. Total pros had the fish in for a picture and back in the water extremely quickly. Also caught two sharks they called piolet sharks and one thresher.

Amazing experience, with a crew that worked very hard to get us into some fish.

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Cabo is awesome! Nothing like hooking pelagics within a mile of the beach - my wife and I went there for our honeymoon too. Congrats on multiple great catches (wife included)!

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Sweet Bill fish!! I have also fished with Picante Charters.... We boated 2 striped marlin the day we went out. One was in the 180 class the other 220. Cabo is a fishing paradise for sure. Cannot wait to go back!!

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