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Tough day for us, started out running the shore line to hedges, water looked perfect but only 1 brown about 9lbs. Moved out worked the edge of the green water boated a court couple lakers. Moved into 60ft and headed back toward the bay and boated a 17.2lb laker. That made the day.

Water condition looked great just not many fish around.


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Hi guys,  I would like to know the easiest and best way to catch these giant lake trout.  I live near Owasco Lake  and back in the 90's lake trout fishing was awesome.  We mainly used moon-eyes and vertical jigging.  I was wondering If anyone ever tried these techniques for lake trout.  I really miss catching those lakers out of Owasco and it would "make my day" to catch one over 15lbs.  Any advice on where, what to use, technique, etc?

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