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Hybrid lures. Lures with a twist


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Thanks Minion, I just cleaned my back window a put your sticker on, looks great!! I watched a few vids. And tied up 2 flies and they look Awesome, I had to order more hooks, the type you suggested, the tackle shops around here don't carry the big heavy duty type, more less bass and trout supplies but they could get them, I could of went to Cabela's but it's a hour ride and they don't always have everything. Matter of fact I told the manager that I've been here 3 F'n times for Spro swiveles, and they didn't have the sizes I wanted, there's the spot for them and I bought them here, what's going on? He told me that they only carry 30% of what's in the catalog, new policy he said, so I'll just continue to use our local bait & tackle shop.

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Pap, those lures look great, thanks for sharing ! Just got a new special mate box, there is room left for more spoons.(lol) Also Minion stuff is also super, there goes another couple hundred bucks, thanks again for sharing!

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