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Headed out to 70 feet of water to try to put my buddies on some lake trout to have some fun. Ran two downriggers for lakers and ran two wire dipsys for salmon. Landed 5 lakers in two hours then the bite shut down so we headed in to some shallower water to try to chase kings. Landed a 19 pounder in 55 feet of water on a lemon ice spoon. Lakers hit whatever I threw down to the bottom. Put a 15 pound laker on the LOC board but it doesnt look like it will last too long. Also talked to the host of Canadian Sportsfishing, Italo Lebignan, at the launch on Friday. I was star struck lol.

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The guy is ok.  I grew up in the same town as him and fished with him quite a few times.  Sure he messed up but I wonder how much of that was due to pressure by others - I'm sure all of us have never done anything wrong in our lives.

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