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WHI 33rd place report

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Well it did not go like I planned, but I had so much fun. Thursday morning I went out by myself and had yet to catch a king this year. At 6am a rigger at 42 ft went and I landed a 19.5 lb king. While admiring that fish the other rigger went and another 19 lb king. I was a little west of wilson with really no one around. I went in and weighed those at 9 am and picked up the rest of the crew. We went back out and had a great day with a bunch of coho and 5 kings all in the high teens.

Friday came around and the fish went deep and we boated a few coho lost a king and boated another on a 300 copper. So now I am confused and a little uneasy for the next day.

So the morning of the tourney we set up half way between Wilson and the bar and ten minutes in a king smokes a wire diver out 225 and we landed him. We made a few passes over that same spot with no results. We were pretty successful catching coho all week on two and three colors of lead core but because of were we were marking the fish we ran one braid diver, two wires and a 300 copper. Late in the day we took a coho off a rigger and a lot of lakers. All in All fishing after Thursday was tough for us and as it seemed to be for a lot of us. Congrats to the winners. Back humbly to Erie for us.

No special colors I don't think we caught more then one king per spoon and everything came off spoons. We did try meat and spin doctors with flies with no results.

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It's tough out there right now. A bunch of the names at the bottom of the leaderboard, are names normally near the top. Good news that a few kings are showing up though. Some consistent west winds will clear the way for some great spring fishing.

As far as Erie goes, it's still tough out there as well. Had to sight fish them Friday night for the opener and I was the only one on the boat to have any success. Fish seemed to be more concentrated on the spawn still and besides one spot of 51 degree surface water, the temps were still a bit low. I'll be back out on Monday night though.

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Yes, it was definitely tough out there. Can't say as I ever remember a spring where "hungry" Springers were so disinterested towards spoons and Spinny/fly rigs. Our only bites on tournament day were on 500 copper w/ meat rig and 110 rigger with meat

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