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Quick trip to Oneida Lake last Night

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Went 3 for 4 on walleye's last night, 40' of water East end of the lake, 2.2 to 2.4 GPS speed, Jr.Thundersticks, on the bottom. Trolled faster & slower with no takers. Lots of fish on the screen all the time but they had lock jaw. Also tried different depths on the 40' water column with no takers there either. Flat water & a few boats around. First time on Oneida this year, still need to dial in the presentation better. Only two us so we ran 2 riggers & two dipsey's. Dipsey's took one eye. Too much grass on the surface to use planer boards, but if you could use them I bet they would have worked.

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i have limited out on walleyes 5 times this year on oneida. i will be fishing early sunday morning. launching the boat in constantia. fishing the weedbeds early, and the deep water later on. anyone that wants to join, call the stormfront on 16.

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