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Turp, Mongo, fireplug et al FLXTroutman needs a charter

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Hey guys, I sold my boat and haven't hooked up a new one yet and I have some friends coming to town this weekend and we are staying with friends on Seneca Point, any chance of picking me up and some kids with their dads for a morning or afternoon on Saturday or Sunday, the kids were looking forward to it since I took them out two years ago, but alas I am boatless any help appreciated, I can provide beer, soda, gas cash you let me know 585 955 3975, I would guess it is a 15 minute run from woodville directly across from Bare Hill maybe less, let me know Mike

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Sorry I missed your post too. We can hook up sometime if you like. fishing on the North end has been pretty slow for the last week or so, maybe you can educate me on catching them on your end. PM me if you want, but beware, I might try to sell you my boat!


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