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Just a stock green crinkle fly of ours #23, the pattern has sort of taken a back seat to the Hammer era but has always produced and held its own if given the chance, plane jane as it comes, one of the first flies we ever built back in the beginning, chartreuse opaque beads, stock green Pro Troll ruddered E Chip, Tommy G's Little Whip was strutting with er chin up as we neared the dock. I remember doing big guys on this fly so many times, Kevin Davis had it going over the last week so we ran it, where's Jerry Falluca? I remember rigging up quite a few of these flies for Jerry and a buddy of his some 4 or 5 years ago, called it the tourney rig at one point back then.

Anyways it was our lucky day for Tommy G and me, but there are more big guys on their way to the Eastern Basin, watch that LOC Board in the near future...................



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Congratulation on that awesome fish!!!!!

And how dare you call me out on that proto type fly.

You are 100% CORRECT is was in a clear bag marked tourny fly on it. And yes

You sent me quite a few, the year you guys (cold steel) dragged up a winning catch of salmon near bottom off the college/Ford shoals in previous Oswego Pro-Am YEARS BACK. (Man I still have nightmares at night seeing you guys line trolling back and forth ALL DAY LONG as my brown catch was being crushed just outside of me)

Note to self: Spend alittle more time on fly sets instead of ALWAYS re-inventing SPOON SETS!!!!!

Again congrats to you and tommy G.

You realize this sets up a date between the COLD "super fly" STEEL team and the RUNNIN "spoons fed" REBEL :D EAST END STYLE.

As usual Tom you make it extra fun and interesting, Cannot wait. See ya soon.Best of luck TILL THEN.

Jerry Felluca (FALLUCA gets the point across also)


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Hey Tom congrats on that HUGE fish!! That Green krinkle is a favorite of mine also.

Congrats to Tommy Germain and crew also, see you guys at the west end!

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Thanks again guys....

Not sure if the Cold Steel Team would look forward to a match against you bud, we always know the threat you are Jerry, always a name that comes up each tourney knowing your knocking on the door and ready to take us all down !!!

Just happened to remember your name and that fly (and the clear bags) not sure why,

Sorry about the spelling Mr. Felluca (:


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