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Downrigger weights asst

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Where did you get the yellow one and the one to the left of the yellow? The yellow one appears to be a 10#er, and the next one appears to be the same 10# head with the new fin design. I have the same weights. But my buddies mold got stolen out of his camper 2 years ago. He had this mold made by a machine shop very close to my house, they were designed to take a unique thickness of aluminum that we cut out with a plasma cutter. I will post picks of close to same fin, we were experimenting with tail fins.the head is really what I'm looking at, he had a lot of money wrapped up in that mold, and I cut many of tail fins out.post-150331-0-74984600-1469308020_thumb.jpegpost-150331-0-13267000-1469308080_thumb.jpegpost-150331-0-74984600-1469308020_thumb.jpeg His place was a little below Port Ontario.

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