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2016 Oneida Lake Open


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icon1.gif 2016 Oneida Lake Open

Anybody know anything about this tourney, and the results?


Hello Walleye Fishermen. I have scheduled an Open format, team walleye tournament for Oneida Lake, Syracuse NY for May 21st, 2016. This event may be the single largest payout walleye tournament scheduled for Oneida Lake in 2016. Also planned in a "big fish Friday" for tournament anglers and several Calcutta side-bets will be available. 

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This is more from an ad I saw about the tourney.


Pay*Outs: Payouts will be calculated based on the number of teams that participate, roughly 1in 5. Entry fee for the i1 Baits Oneida Lake Walleye Open is $325 per team. This covers the main event and Lunker pool. Big Fish Friday is a separate paid event as are all Calcutta style side bets. Boat launch fee is not included in either price, however it may be added if necessary.
*****$5000 first prize and $1000 Lunker Pool is based on fifty teams participating.*****


$325 entry fee and up to $5000 payout. I was curious if it was legit, and what the final payout was. Haven't seen anymore info on it.

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