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Kevin J Legg

BRB day trip

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Fished with Prof T and Randy at BRB this morning. Worked many colors depths and speeds and it was a slow day. Good news is we caught two fish over 10 pounds bad news is they were sheepshead. Skunked on eyes and pike.

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Still cant seem to pin em down......Fished again all last week thru today- morning and evening b/w guffins, BRB and Chamont, Long Point and 3 mile, and still only doin one or two a day- best day was Saturday at BRB in 30-35 FOW on deep sticks runnin15-25 deep- got 3 eyes (9 lb, 3 lb, 6 lb).  Have a few weeks off this year to fish, fishing alot harder than past years and catching a lot less eyes and a lot more northerns and sheepshead......All places seem to be producing some nice northerns in greater numbers than I am used to here in the depths I am trollin, where I usually don't catch northerns- catchin 5 or 10/day good sizes....  In BRB, the graph is showing a lot of bait and a lot of big fish on all sides of the bay from 15-35 FOW, but after landing a few big sheepshead and the northerns over the past few days.....hard to tell....Hope it picks up soon with the warm air...will be at em again in the morning and waiting for a change.

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