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Went 3 for 3 on Lakers early am, trolling between 80-110 fow, on the bottom, on ff and cowbell.. Trolled between nine mile and high rocks. All 3 Lakers were small, 12-15 inches and were released. Mid morning decided to troll my way out deep water, when I hit 195 fow I started marking really good amounts of fish, marks were down 120-140 over 195 fow. Not sure what they were but I threw everything I had at them, after an hour of playing, a black and purple NK mag took off screaming, down 130 over 195fow.. Unfortunately I lost the fish after a brief battle trying to pull lines / riggers in, and trying to wake my wife up at the same time. Smh.. That fish took massive amounts of line assuming it was a king.

water temp out there was 56 on surface. I'll be back in a few weeks to try again. Good luck this weekend fellas.

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Those deep marks could be lakers but just as likely kings coming out of their deep winter pattern. They can be maddening trying to get deep kings to bite as they feed in spurts. You could troll over them 10 times with nothing to show for it but on the 11th time some rods go off

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