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What's the hot salmon spoons this year?

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Luck for kings hasn't been on my side so far this year, I've only had one on and lost it right behind the boat. I've caught 2 cohos though 1 on a carbon 14 and one on a moonshine blue jeans spoon, the king I had on took an orange spoon which I found odd as until then orange has only produced trout for me

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from my experience so far GREEN color are the way to go.... i have had watermelon, wonderbread glow, a plain orange spoon, tried body baits in various colors and natural looking colors, and flies behind a spin doctor and so far ONLY the green spoon and the green flies have been hit. even with lake trout the green spoon has been slaying them.


so far have had 10 hits, once was the fly and all 9 others were the spoon pictured below


normally orange spoon catches me coho's and watermelon slays the rainbow trout



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