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12x12 Muskie, Walleye, Bass Decals

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Selling 12x12 Muskie, Walleye, Bass decals. $14.99. Perfect for the boat or truck. The decals are printed on 6 mil vinyl, UV protected, die cut (right around the image) and the art work is original. Message me if interested at in[email protected] or vistit my online store.







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With the walleye can you mirror the image of the walleye so they face the same direction? So if I put one on each side of my boat the mouth would face to the front on both sides?


Planing on doing a King anytime soon?

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I have been following you on facebook for quite a while. Awesome work! Do you have any other musky designs or just the one?


Thanks for the follow, really appreciate it.  right now just the one, moving through the fish and will do the Musky (non zombie) version.  



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