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Shaking off a lamprey maybe.

Are you running spoons or flasher/fly.

I would run one rigger down 115,one at 105 and one down 95, size 1 dipsy, #2 setting...245 the other 275. 400 copper on starboard board, 300 copper with mag spoon port.

I'm sorry, I can't fish til Saturday, this is awesome, pretending what I would do, it like I'm out there, lol

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That was basically our spread today. We got lakers but could not get a salmon to hit. We saw salmon porpoising on the surface near the finger. Best fish screen I have viewed out of HH in some time. The current was wicked this morning so we could only run 3 riggers. Got better as the day went on and we added dipsys to spread.

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My screen looks like that every time out. There and north in the lanes. No fish though.

Frustrating, right?


I threw just about every I could at them last night.  Spoons, SD/Flies, Paddles/Flies, big paddles/SDs, small paddles/SDs, twinkie rigs, meat rigs, cut bait, whole herring, etc. etc.  Had one release on a 135 rigger pulling a Carbon 14, never came tight.

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