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I'd say at least 3'. I run an 1802 Trophy, it draws just over 2.5' with the engine down. We went out trimmed up a little with no issue.

Also saw some double axle trailers in the lot, so I'm thinking a few larger boats launched as well.

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Fished solo both days this weekend.  Silver/greens/blues seemed to be on.


Sat: Fished 115-120 SE side of stony island.  49F Temp was down around 105, hit one decent king on a caddy shack on a rigger set at 111 and lost a good rip on a mt dew glow paddle/ pro-am fly out 220 on #2.  Popped one rigger on a green dolpin mag but never came tight, all into the waves.  Flipped around and started trolling north and could not find good temp or marks.  Hit a pocket of 52F water right in the middle of the trench and immediately hooked up on two browns on the riggers, caddy shack stingray and lemon ice down 125 over 142.  Worked that area for awhile and picked up two more browns and a laker.


Sun:  hit the lanes early, not a boat in sight and no marks/temp.  Coldest I could find was 56 degrees near the bottom.  Trolled around searching for an hour or so and decided to head back in towards calf island.  Started a south troll in 110 FOW south of calf, two riggers and a wire diver down 95-100.  Caught two skippies on the riggers (NBK and blue dolphin) and lost another rip on a mt dew echip/ blue-green-glow fly on a diver out 200 on #2 in 130-135 fow.  Once I hit 150, I could not keep the lakers off.  Was seeing some good marks around 85-95 down over 150, pulled the riggers up, increased speed to 2.8-2.9 and still couldnt keep lakers off.  Had a triple on at one point.  Lost a few that were probably lakers.  Tried to troll back into 130 but too tough solo with the waves keeping her pointed north.  Headed back to the dock around 10:30.  Probably should've tried the numbers from saturday again before heading back to sackets, but was really sick of getting hit by lakers.


Overall, not a bad weekend.  Glad to get some silver and a few browns in the boat, but wish I could've capitalized on some of the hits I was getting on the divers.  If I dont catch anymore lakers for awhile, I think I'd be cool with it.  Trailering the boat to Sodus to fish Thurs-Sun.  Will be back at it again the following weekend.

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I went out Sunday with my boys and their friends south of the mountain and had a total of 11 lakers and a 24lb king that ripped out 200 ft of line pulled all the other lines had to turn the boat around to avoid losing him. It was a good 25 min battle as

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I think we were near you. Saw a boat driving very erratically in front of us.

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I think we were near you. Saw a boat driving very erratically in front of us.

That could've been me as well.  Blue wellcraft dual console with cannon riggers and two trees.  I was having a hell of a time steering and fighting off lakers into the waves, boat was all over the place.

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Great reports!!

Heading to lanes Sunday. Are you guys running mag dipsies with O ring?

Trying to get a feel for depth of these diver reports.

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Yes we were using mag dipsys with the ring. Set on 1.5. weaver315 was referring to our dipsy out 225. Edited by greenboatluke
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Wire Dispys size1 (#2 setting)=3/1 Flas/fly

150 50' Size 1 (3 setting=3.33/1

175 58'

195 65'

205 68'. Mag #1 setting=2.17/1

215 72'. #2 setting=2.25/1

225 75'

245 82'

255 85'

265 88'

275 92'

295 98'

305 102'

315 105'

325 108'

345 115'

355 118'

365 122'

375 125'

395 132'

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Fished yesterday with my neighbors kid on the new to me boat. Marked fished yesterday but nothing except for a skippy.

Fished today with 5 of us on board from 5am till 11am. Same as yesterday except we went 5/7 on lakers. No kings unfortunately but had some action and everyone got a fish. Not a boat in sight first thing, by 7 we had some company. Lakers were all on riggers and one hit a 400 copper. Blue/silver spoons and a yellow cowbells with green spin n glo. Still working out a few minor kinks on the new boat but nothing major.


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