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Have a Starweld 1800 Pro that I am setting up for trout and salmon. Looking at either Cannon Mag 10s or Big Jon tourney pros for riggers. Will eventually get a planer board mast, but am having a hard time finding a mast that I can get an adapter for that would use the pedestal socket in the bow. (Swivl-Eze 238) Will be using a track system for riggers and rod holders, but have not decided on what brand. May depend on rigger I go with. I will be fishing primarily Cayuga and Seneca lakes, with occasional spring and fall trips to Sodus and Oswego.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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Well I just got my Starweld 20 Pro all setup 2 weeks ago. As for the mast for planets I couldn't find one for the seat base so just used the mast base and mounted as far forward as possible so it was out of my way. Tracks for all my riggers and rod holders plus my triple trees. Very tight to get a backing plate I tunnel but it's needed as the aluminum fleas pretty good with everything there it had it out at the derby last weekend and worked great but fish weren't cooperating to well.



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We have a 2012 Starweld 1800 Pro that we love, great configuration for fishing. We are using the Big Jon manual planer mast (dual) that we have setup in the front seat post mount. My son works for a metal fabrication place and was able to fashion an adapter to go inside of the seat post. (see pics). When using it we also add a cargo strap run through the front eye and around the mid point of the mast for additional support. Since we can't reach the lines we use florescent rope with inexpensive carabiners on them tied to the post of the bimini top for easy access. There is a pic showing how it is setup, we have used it for 4 years now and works very well. Hope that helps. As for the downriggers I'm currently using manual Cannon downriggers at the moment until the fishing fund has enough to get the electrics. We just purchased a 9.9 Yammy kicker that we will be installing in a couple of weeks. Best of luck with your boat and Tight Lines!



20160606 185014

20160606 185040

20160606 185105

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