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Trail cam- fisher?


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We've had a pair on our land in Tompkins county say good bye to your squirrel population they are voracious eaters. Was kinda cool sitting a treestand without being harassed by the red squirrels!:lol:

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The old timers at hunting camp on the Tug tell the story about one of our original late members, a logger by trade, who trapped fisher to pay the annual property taxes..... For a couple years during the 70s the DEC was paying top dollar for fisher that were trapped and brought in live to be studied. The story goes that the fisher were so nasty and tough (just like the logger as it would happen) that they broke through all but one of the metal cages used to transport them. The logger had it timed.... He knew he had about 40 minutes before the thing broke free and he had to dance with the devil, lol. He trapped 5 that season, taxes were paid, life was good. One of natures impressive small powder kegs.

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