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Hello fellow fisherman!

This is my first report for 2016. I had a late start due to my slow recovery from a torn Achilles from last winter. I can't fish on rough waters until I am fully recovered. With your good health, You need to feel blessed to be able to fish out on any given day. post-140030-146574785649_thumb.jpgpost-140030-14657478683558_thumb.jpgpost-140030-1465747882405_thumb.jpg

My best fishing buddy Chris and I went out yesterday morning. Had a delayed start with the looming lightning storm which blew up in the sky by the time it passed us.

Warm waters are everywhere inside water from 80 to 220 fow. We managed to find just one nice king and as kipper east of I-Bay.

Two riggers down 80 and 100. Temp were 53 down 100. Wire divers and copper 450'. Along with Chris 's slide divert that took a king. Green spoon took hits.

Not much baits to be found on a general note. I feel the fishing have shut down right after the storm. I know fishing can be hot right before the storm. I want to thank Chris for running the fishing lines since I can only hold the wheels with my hands and nurse my foot.

Tight lines!

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Hey brother Anthony,


It was a blast being back on the water and thanks so much for heading out despite your Achilles issue earlier in the year!!


Anthony always knows where to find the fish, despite the weather and not so ideal conditions.


We always have a great time and it was so great to be back on the big lake. Thanks again bud for some great laughs and a few fish to boot........



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