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LOU walleye get together


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I have decided to change the format for this event to increase participation and make it more interesting. The new format will be a catch and release multi species team tourney.

Dates 7/23 and 7/24

Fish either day or both $30 per boat. Tournament hours are 12am 7/23 thru 2pm 7/24. Cookout after I'll provide burgers, dogs, soda, and water.

Each team can score their longest fish of each of the following species: smallmouth bass, tiger musky, walleye, and brown trout. 1 point for every inch or part of an inch except tigers where we will use half the fishes length. All scored fish must be of legal size. All fish except walleye must be released to score. A pic on a bump board for each fish. Add the points from your four fish and that's your score. We could have big fish for each also. I really like the idea of more to fish for than walleye, as they can be brutally tough to get. I also felt we had to open up hours as trolling at night can be far more effective with a lot less gear and moon will be nearly full.





Miss em



Pete Rajner

Esox only


Johnny Walleye

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One change on the format...we will use half Of the tigers length for score...i want a big walleye to be the highest scoring fish Of the 4 not a tiger tourney. Of course 1 man team is fine....picture taking is tough tho...what about pcpete?

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Perfect John! Gotta camp this year so we can safely have a few MORE adult beverages around a fire this year. If the campground becomes booked I can get tent space on my site and I'm sure a couple others...still have to pay but a site none the less!

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