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Got an early start, fished with partners Bill and Bob,set up straight out of sandy in 80 feet and found the hot spot to be about 220 feet. When all was said and done we boated 3 respectable kings, 2 lakers 1 steely and 2 dinks. lost an atlantic at the back of the boat, Ididnt see it but Bill said it was a good size fish. The large king scaled out at 21#. All rigger bite besides the atlantic that hit a surface firecracker spoon. Steelie hit a cheater watermelon spoon. The hot spoon was glow frogs all kings hit the glow frogs . Trolled out to 500 feet of water. That was a mistake. 1 dead dink to show for it. Riggers down 65 to 75 did the trick. Now heres what really gets me Im not marking hardly any fish besides lakers on the bottom. Very strange to me they must still be scattered. Oh by the way no baitfish either but I guess so what we found the fish







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