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What to use for filler or medium for homemade scents


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So I had a lot of luck taking small fillets off of alewifes last year and sticking them right on the hook of flies running behind a flasher.  I want to be able to put some alewife stink on spoons.  My plan was to do my usually catch them with a sabiki rig and fillet them, but this time I was then going to grind them up.  So what should I mix it with to make it into a paste?  It has to be something that doesnt have its own scent.  Would petroleum jelly work?  Maybe a little mineral oil and corn starch?

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Stolen from google:

Shadrack’s Dip Shad Catfish Bait Recipe

One use for the left over shad when you got too many at the end of a fishing trip.

  • Place about 20 small threadfin shad in a blender
  • Add 1/2 Cup of cornmeal
  • Add 1 tablespoon each of garlic powder and sugar.

Blend well and place this mixture in a jar and shake twice daily for a week and its ready. Use with dip worms or sponges.


I'm sure you could adapt this. not sure that adding oil will make the paste texture that you're asking about. 


If you wanted to make a spray/liquid scent like you get at the store you could always concentrate the ground fish with an isopropyl extraction, and then dilute in an oil. Probably easier to store and apply that way.

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You can warm up potroleum jelly to thin it down and then mix together, im assuming the fish has been brined or else it will spoil.

Glycerine oil or propolyne glycol are good lure bases and can be bought at drug stores usually,glycol is a bit more thin consistency where the glycerin is thicker both are oderless and can be food grade quality and dont freeze.

Using fresh fish added to what i just described and then add sodium benzoate as a preserver.

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