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Ive had very limited success with vertical jigging open water. Yes, lakers will sometimes be cooperative but other than that Ive only managed 1 rainbow and 1 shaker chinook 

vertical jigging. Ive been using metal jigs. Maybe its my technique or whatever , it just hasnt paid off with any large salmon yet.

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This is my second full time season on the Great Lake and it's a goal to vertical and live line lake trout on light tackle . I'm pretty avid at jigging lakers in deep water on the ice using electronics .

2 weeks ago we gave jigging a try using a 2oz slip egg sinker and the usual laker jigs ( buck tails , plastics etc ) . Some challenges that need to be worked out are .

1. Every time I touched or dragged the bottom , my hook points were covered in zebra muscles . That was kinda tough .

2. Given the currents , you lose you jig on the electronics . I like to know and see what's happening and you are mostly blind jigging which is very difficult .

Good luck and post your results and methods as will I

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You can catch Lakers jigging on Ontario? I'm making my first trip to the lake later this month (I fish Lake Erie) and didn't even know vertical jigging was an option. Any specific jigs or live bait that works well?

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