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Big Jon Downriggers (3) and swivel bases

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2 big john downriggers with 52 inch booms $300 each

1 big jon downrigger with 42 inch boom. $300 


3 swivel bases $60 each


All operational and in working order.  They came with a boat I purchased and I have no use of them.



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I am not going to split the remaining gear until the riggers are sold.  




Two riggers with twin rod holder, adjustable, and swivel base at $300 each


One rigger with two individual static rod holders, and swivel base $275


All Big Jon Brand.

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Sorry Guys, I've been out of town. OK..... I'm not sure if my LOTSA membership has expired or not.  I usually sign up this time of year.  


I still have all three riggers, three swivel bases, two dual rod holders and two side mount holders.


Again, I don't use Big Jon, they cam on the boat I bought in June and I took them off after checking their operation, which worked fine.

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