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Some 2016 fishing pictures

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Thanks Guys,

Wasnt always a bed of roses, we got skunked opening day. So many boats I fished on Sacketts side of Blk River Bay and got a lonely pike.

I only get to fish one day a weekend but never saw a year where I was fishing all huskys at 9:00am and had to switch to all top water an hour later cause what the screen was telling me. They would be there, get a double, and an hour later, all gone! Also, I can't count how many came unbuttoned or came off in the net. I do believe our walleye population is getting better every year, this year it seemed like if you found them they were there, but there was more bait......so when your pulling lures I always say,, " this is like pulling 99 cent McDonald's cheeseburgers thru Prime Rib, lol

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