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there is not supposed to be any wind sunday so i'm going to try my luck with my 17ft lund on ontario. i'll be launching from wrights landing in oswego around 430am. i am very new to ontario so anyone else out there, call the stormfront on 16 if you want to help me out. anyone have any advice? i have downriggers, flashers, flies, and a down speed and temp.

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We were out of Oswego yesterday and did not have to go far to get into a few fish. 160 to 175' FOW 80 to 100 down west of the chute when leaving Oswego harbor. Downspeed was around 2.4 but currents were raising heck with our down probe so we based our speed more on a thumper rod. We did 5 kings on green spoons, green-glow SD/green flys, several more bites with no one home, and one lost at back of boat. Bite was early the slowed by mid morning.

I would start here.

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