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Seneca Sampson Marina News

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From the Finger Lakes Times



Sampson marina measure passed by state Legislature

By DAVID L. SHAW [email protected]
 17 hrs ago


ROMULUS — A bill authorizing the lease of the Sampson State Park marina to a private operator has passed the state Legislature and awaits the signature of Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

If signed by the governor, the bill would require the state Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation to prepare 40-year lease specifications and send out a request for proposals.


A new, private operator would be required to help pay for needed upgrades to the 103-slip marina.

While eliminating immediate fears by marina supporters that the Seneca Lake facility will be closed at the end of this season, the bill doesn’t satisfy the Friends of Sampson State Park Marina.


“It is true the state Office of Parks, Recreation & Historic Preservation has a strategy to engage a private concessionaire to refurbish and operate the marina as a preferred approach,’’ said Donald Kloeber of the Sampson group, but “the Friends marina committee has repeatedly attempted to engage the state to explore other, lower-cost approaches that would keep this valuable Finger Lakes asset open and viable. To date, OPRHP has refused to consider any lower-cost or possibly shorter-life alternatives by taking an approach of wanting a ‘Cadillac.’â€


The Friends group also supports breaking up refurbishing of the marina into several phases, rather than the “all or nothing’’ approach of the state.


Kloeber said the group has been working since 2008 to review reports, engage knowledgeable experts and provide potential refurbishment alternatives.


“The state parks office has largely ignored our input and justifications for refurbishing the marina and has chosen to include [the option of] decommissioning or closing the marina and replacing it with a boat launch,’’ Kloeber said, noting the Sampson committee has concluded the marina is an economic and tourism asset.


He questions if the RFP would receive any bidders, noting an RFP was issued in August 2015 and received none.


He said the OPRHP claims it does not have the capital funds to replace the marina.


“In fact, they have funds earmarked for refurbishing OPRHP infrastructure. However, they’re choosing to spend it elsewhere and to largely focus on new projects, instead of refurbishing existing infrastructure and facilities as previously announced,’’ Kloeber said.


The committee said the state has refused to spend money to make even minor repairs, and when combined with the potential decommissioning, many previous seasonal slip holders have looked elsewhere for slip rentals, “even though they would prefer to remain at Sampson if there was a reasonable hope for refurbishment.’’


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I'm with Nick. they have to be nuts not to recognize the true value of the marina. Much of this is about downstate interests controlling things statewide and upstate is always on the short end of the stick. Unfortunately we have a totally corrupt government.

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They have a great steep launch now? What could they build better? They need to start charging $8 like Fair Haven to park the opener of trout season. Sad to hear upstate gets the short end. I'm sure Andys' limousine would handle the rough ride into Sampson though. I understand going slow, that beats up my boat though.

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From the Finger Lakes Times



Thanks for posting the FLT article...I'm the Friends Co-chair quoted in the article.

What would help us the most is if some of the interested boaters/fishermen would consider emailing Parks Commissioner Harvey.  

Contact info is online at https://sites.google.com/site/friendsofsampsonmarina/contact-us   and includes  email contact info

We are not holding our breath that a private investor is willing to refurbish the marina a have it go back to the state at the end of the lease term...but we would cooperate with anyone taht is really interested.




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Unveiling new cottage designs today at Sampson State Park.

The high quality overnight lodging will provide visitors with a hub to visit the region's wineries, gorges, racetracks, casinos and cultural destinations, and help to continue to grow Finger Lakes tourism economy.

Learn more: http://nysparks.com/newsroom/press-releases/release.aspx…(NY State Parks & Historic Sites)

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This park needs a lot of money for major improvement. The roads are deplorable. The plumbing system needs major improvement through out the Park. We could use better rest rooms too. Tree cutting and new gravel put in the campsites. The money they wasted on building 15 new high class cabins is a waste of money. They could have used it for major park repairs. The park across Sampson has cabins rentals. They hardly fill them up. The cabins Sampson has now only fill up during the weekend. Its New York State. We have to expect this kind of thinking from our elected officials. I don’t care what anybody thinks. Its all political. Have you been to Allegheny state park lately. The state pored millions into this park. Years ago the finger lakes region had the political pull to get state money. Today its different. I think its time the people that live in this part of New York State take a good look at your elected officials. If they cant come up with some state money for marina and campground improvement. Vote them out and put in new people that will represent our interest. If we cant get the money. New York City will spend it on crap they don’t need.

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